FO: Munchkin Scarf #1

This is for Christmas for my first munchkin, 8 year old sister Amanda. Next up is one for Munchkin 2, 6 year old sister Kayla. I will also provide Munchkins With Scarves Pictures after Christmas.

Caron’s Simply Soft in light pink stranded with Paton’s Glitallic in Maroon Shine. Just plain old garter stitch. It’s a bit short, but I can wear it doubled around my neck with the ends pulled through the loop, and I call them Munchkins for a reason, so it should be okay.

Munchkins? :teehee: That’s pretty!

They are! They’re teeeeeny. Amanda’s 8 and she’s only just getting too big to be picked up! She needs a booster seat in the car (NJ has an “8 or 80 lbs” law).

If it’s glittery, an 8-year-old girl will like it, guaranteed! :wink:

:teehee: You’re so right Kristen! I know an almost 8 year old who would love that scarf (oh, I hope she likes the one I made for her, it has no sparkles :teehee: ).
Great job on your munchkin scarf!