FO: Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf

Got this scarf pattern from our local yarn shop owner. I used Crystal Palace Yarn Merino Stripes. It’s done in short row sections; this was my first time knitting in this manner. My terrific new friend and neighbor is now wearing the scarf and looking lovely in it!

[color=indigo]That is a beautiful and clever design. :cheering:


I made one like that, aren’t they fun!? It looks beautiful!

Yes, I really enjoyed this pattern once I got started. I’ll most likely use it again, but I’m holding off on knitting more winter scarves right now, keeping my fingers crossed that spring is just around the corner…which is wishful thinking here in PA. :sun:

What type of yarn did you use for your scarf?

Beautiful colors! I’d love to wear a scarf like that in the fall!

It looks nice!!! good job! :cheering:

Beautiful Scarf. I love the color choices :cheering: