FO: Mr. Snowman

Pattern: Can be found here
Hook: Size H
Yarn: Body - Caron Simply Soft. Accents - Vanna’s Choice, Embroidery Floss

He’s so handsome. The pattern calls for him to have arms that reach up and hold onto a doorknob. I did this originally, then cut it off because it was bulky and ugly. Pattern also called for you to use GLUE to put it together. **** that. I sewed him together, as you’re supposed to do with these types of things. Although I did use some Aleene’s Tacky Glue to put the nose on. It set up in about 5 minutes. That baby ain’t going anywhere! Pattern also called for using pompoms… but I decided I’d make my own. Instructions can be found here.

Unbelievably cute. You did a great job on him.

Very cute! He will proudly adorn your holiday table this year!!! Good work.

Awww I love him! and no! no Glue! (except for the small bits!) great job!

awwwww…he is just too cute!:heart:

he is too cute!! love the hat and scarf:yay:

Just adorable . Great work! :slight_smile:

He has so much personality! Love him!!

:woot: Awwww, that is sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

Aww, that’s such a cute little snowman. Great job. :yay:


That is such an adorable snowman! He looks so sweet.


Cute snowman! I’m doing a pig from Lion’s brand website! :slight_smile:

Awwwwww! He’s adorable! GREAT JOB!

How cute!

How cute is he??

Way too cute for my eyes!!! :eyes:

He’s way cute, great job! :cheering:

Cute little snowman. :slight_smile:

He’s adorable. I love the way the hat fits him!!! That is just way too cute.