FO: Mr Dangly

I finally managed to conquer dpn’s and produced my very first knitted, stuffed toy… i present mr. dangly from a free pattern here:

he’s gone on his way to my friend’s month year old baby and she just sent me a picture of her clutching him… aw

here he is before he got sent on his merry way!

Cute. You did a great job with it.

that is really adorable. great job!

aww thats so cute

thank you!

he was made from real tibetan yak wool too, (that my boyfriend bought back from tibet) fortunately he didn’t smell of yak!!

He is just darling! I haven’t had the nerve to tackle something like that yet - hopefully soon.

Great job.

He’s adorable!! I have a thing for monkeys. :teehee: Thank you for sharing the pattern!!

very cute. he is on my knit list.

What a superb job you did for your first time using DPNs:cheering: Thanks for sharing pattern my DD will love that after I work on my DS’s puppy… after i get over my “fear” of using DPNs :teehee:

That is sooooo cute! I haven’t tried anything like that yet, but I would love to give it a try. Adorable, and that’s so sweet that he’s well loved in his new home!

Cute! Very nice!

Aw, thanks for your kind words everyone!

I get so excited about my knitting and it’s nice to share it with fellow enthusiasts.

I’m onto my second knitted animal now (in the same wool, I have LOTS of it!) which is the infamous Sheldon the turtle from and my dpn ladders are already a little less obvious! :slight_smile:

so to knit it in the round, do you jut cast on the same number of stitches (9 for the body) and join instead of knitting flat, or did you alter the number of stitches?

Yes, you should use exactly the same amount of stitches when working in the round that are listed for working flat. As you said, just start with 9 stitches, join them and away you go!

The pattern translates perfectly to working in the round, the only body changes made are the ones that notes (the link in the first post) for the body decreases, which work beautifully.

Wow, what a cutie. My mum, who is monkey crazy, will be sure to love him…just one problem, never used dpns before, even tho I have some just sitting, waiting for the day that they will be put to use. I will bookmark the pattern, and one day I will pluck up the courage to give it a shot!

Aw, great job. He’s so cute!