FO: Mouse! - a photo with little Maja! :D

I’ve just finished that mouse for 19-months-old very ill ( :frowning: ) girl, Maja. Over 3 months ago, I lost my little Friend, Linka (She was only one year and 10 months!) and She was ill, too. After that I decided to knit for another ill children to make them smile. So, that’s my mouse :slight_smile:

[size=6]that photo just has appeared on Maja’s blog! :smiley:,1,0,album.html :slight_smile:
I am so happy! :D[/size]

Looooove those wonderful colors! :heart: :heart:

I’m sure she’ll love it!

Aw, it’s adorable!! :inlove: I love all the colors, too!

That is so sweet of you :smiley: Mouse is too cute…and he/she will be loved :smiley:

That’s cute!

That’s cute!

Awwww !!! Makes my heart SQUEAK ! :heart:

Aww that’s cute! Much cuter than the 2 mice we flushed a few minutes ago :shock:

nice to hear your opinions :slight_smile:
(but maybe that mouse is a bit… you know… knitting without pattern :smiley: )

It’s gorgeous, Eeyore :heart: Such lovely colours! Does he have a name?

I’m sure that Maja will love her cheerful mouse! He certainly made all of us here smile.

I’m also sure that Linka would be happy to know that you are sharing the love you feel for her with other children. We’re so sorry for your loss, and will keep you and your friends in our prayers!

Aww. It’s cute! I love the little wiskers!

maybe Maja will call it somehow :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your friends. :frowning: I hope she will get better. Usually handmade gifts are the best! It’s cute!

so happy to see Maja with Mouse! :smiley:
(because I don’t know that girl in real :slight_smile: )

That is so cute. I am sure she is going to love it up with lots of hugs. How wonderful that you are bringing joy to them. God Bless you!

What a sweet thing to do! :heart: The mouse and little girl are adorable!

:heart: The mouse is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and you are so very sweet to do this for sick children. God bless you for your effort and your compassion.

Susan in NC

Thank you for showing us Maja and her mouse!