FO - Mountain Peaks Shawl and a little p0rn - BLOCKED PICS!

Here’s my unblocked fresh off the needles Mountain Peaks Shawl. I am very happy the way it turned out! It was a bit of a challenge at times for me because this was my first lace project and my first time reading charts! Miriam has been so helpful and patient and she got me through the “tough” parts. She’s WONDERFUL!

Here are the stats:

Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr in Curry
Needle size: 5
Pattern: see my siggy
Time to knit: This took me a month to knit - started around November 15 ended today December 13.

Here she is!

And here is some yarn that I ordered from . Three hanks of Malabrigo in Brown Sugar and two skeins of Regia in Crazy Colour. I bought the Malabrigo because I may be travelling to Canada early next year and figure I will need some mittens/ gloves and a scarf!

Here they are…

Thanks for looking :wink:


I want to buy some malabrigo :drool: I noticed you have some addis too-my fav

It’s beautiful! :heart:

Beautiful! Great Job and fast work! :cheering:

That shawl is stunning!! :notworthy: :notworthy:

And of course Mmmmmmmalabrigo makes me faint…:thud: Wait until you knit it using Addis…ohmigoodness! :inlove:

Absolutely stunning! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


The shawl is gorgeous! Great job! How much yarn did you use?

beautiful shawl!! amd i love that colorway of the malabrigo.

Thank you ladies so much for your kind words!

RachelJean, I used just over 630 yards for this.

I’ll have more pics soon after she’s been blocked. :cheering:


Beautiful, beautiful. Can we see it blocked please?!

Great job! I have yet to try lace!

It’s gorgeous, can’t wait to see it blocked! :cheering:

That’s really beautiful. Would love to see it after it is blocked!

That is a gorgeous shawl. I want to try that Malabrigo one of these days.

Wow that is some gorgeous shawl! You inspire me!

Here are the blocked pics. I was awed at how this transformed completely to the lovely shawl here! Not the best pics but you get the idea.

Thanks again for looking!


that is awesome. I love how it turned out - beautiful!

I also love Regia crazy colour =D

The shawl is fabulous. Thanks for the post-bloc photos. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Absolutely gorgeous!