FO: Mountain Colors Scarf

Scarf knit in baby cable rib pattern, double stranded in Mountain Colors Bearfoot to match socks.

Ooooo that is gorgeous! :inlove:

That is certainly delicious looking! Wonderful work!!!

How pretty!!! Looks so soft!

Your scarf looks so nice and cheery.

Oh, that is nice. The photography is good, too! I just place all my stuff on the couch or table and shoot my photos! I guess I’m going to have to step up on photo taking.
I see greenery in the background…doesn’t look cold enough for a scarf where you live! Don’t worry. I’ll take that scarf off your hands. It’s 8 degrees here, and everything is brown and dead!

Lovely scarf in beautiful colours:cheering:

That looks beautiful. Warm and cosy too.

That is one very pretty scarf. Your workmanship is fantastic. Very good job!

Oh, what a beautiful scarf! The colors are just amazing!

That is just gorgeous and looks so comfy and warm!

:happydance: it looks great!! What a pretty scarf…and one that looks like it would be so comzy and soft…great job :thumbsup:

that is really really pretty! I like that you can see the pattern still though the colorway (which is gorgeous as well!) And matching socks…what an ensemble!

Thanks for taking the time to comment! I, too, often take quick shots of FOs on the sofa, but a break in the rain let me get outside for this one.

Our winters are mild with some days cold enough for a wool scarf but I knit this for my dd who makes frequent snowboarding trips to the nearby Sierras.

The greenery in the background is Nandina Domestica, aka “Heavenly bamboo,” an evergeen shrub widely planted in the west.

That’s beautiful, and very nicely photographed as well!

Very nice!

VERY nice!

Gorgeous scarf – the colors are just perfect! Is there a pattern for this scarf? I’d love to make one. I love knitting with Mountain Colors yarns because the colors are so beautiful.

those colors just look so awesome next to each other!! good work!

Great job! The photography is great too- I never take the time to go outside and take a nice picture.