FO: Mother Bears - Danny and Elliot

Here are 2 more completed bears for the Mother Bear Project. I’ve been playing around a bit with knitting these up. I’ve done them top down, feet up, flat and seamed, and DK. So far my favorite is DK from the feet up.

More knitting details on my Ravelry page and blog.

[I]Danny Bear (#4) <---------> Elliot Bear (#5)[/I][/CENTER]

Very nice bears ! Good job :slight_smile:

They’re extremely cute, and I love the little scarves.

Do you get to choose someone to send them to?

They are so cute x

Great job!

They are very cute.

Great job on them! They are so cute!

:yay: great job!!

very cute!! :slight_smile:

they are really cute. Sounds like they are becoming easy for you.

Great work, Marni! I just simply LOVE THEM! :heart: