FO: Mossy Jacket & Hat

I made these for my cousin who’s having a baby next month. I learned SO MUCH from this project. It was my first time knitting in the round, using magic loop, doing top down/reglan sleeves, moss stitch (properly), buttonholes and picking up stitches! Whew!

The cardigan is fpea’s Mossy Jacket. The hat is a pattern that was made up by giaflower on Ravelry, who was kind enough to share it with me, since I’m not comfortable with making up patterns yet. I added the knitted flower to girly it up a little, but they’re not 100% sure it’s a girl so it’s only safety pinned in place for now.

:inlove: too cute!!

So cute and girly :slight_smile:

I really like that set!:yay:

Oh how adorable!!!

Oh it’s darling! :heart:

Those are adorable, Angie!!

I have learned a lot from baby knitting, too. I’m braver and more likely to try things when it comes to the small projects. :teehee:

A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!! Where did you get those buttons? They’re lovely!

I love it. it is too cute!!

Thanks everyone!
The buttons I got at Fabricville. I must’ve spend a good 15min standing there, staring at the wall of buttons, trying to decide on the perfect ones!

Oh, my gosh - that is so precious! Wonderful job!:yay:

What a wonderful set! I love learning new things from the projects I do. Keeps things interesting! This turned out great!

That is a very cute set. Your cousin will love it.

Oh, those are so cute! Nice work!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Love the outfit, the colours and especially the little flower… just the right finishing touch! :yay:

Adorable set! The button and flower are lovely touches :slight_smile:

It’s so cute!!! I love the buttons:inlove:

Oh this is reeeally nice! I like the pattern, and I also really like the un-baby-fyed color scheme you chose! Very classy! Great job!

What an adorable little set!! I :heart: it! you did a fantastic job :slight_smile:

You did great!! It is really a cute pattern and will work so well for a girl or a boy. (I like the detachable flower) You get an “A” on this project, you learned all your lessons to perfection. I love the little hat too.