FO - Moss Stitch Hat

Hey Mason - I like the hat. Love the colors! I’m sure your friend will just love it. Like the new avatar pic. Do you have a guitar? Can you sing? Come to Nashville and be the “Knitting_ Singing_ Guitar Playing Guy”!!! Just might give Garth a run for his money! :yay: :cheering: :yay:

look how many hits and replies you get! The hat looks great. Do you knit english or continental? I knit english and feel this would take me forever, but someday I’ll give it a go…

What she said. :clink: And it is nice to see ya back.

I sing like a bird.

Ever hear a buzzard? :rofl:

I knit English and hats don’t take very long at all.

I love the colors…looks like someone’s thinking of spring… :hug:

Another great hat! :thumbsup: