FO - Moss Stitch Hat

I finally managed to get online to post this one. I did the body of the hat in moss stitch and I think it came out ok.

Nice job, Knitting_Guy. Very sunny looking.

Looks cool! I might have to try one one of these days!

BTW, love the new avatar pic.

Wow thats nice and I love the colors!!!:yay:

Very bnice. Bright and cheery :slight_smile:

I like the way it came out, the colors compliment each other really well; wish I’d thought of them.

Your new avatar is great, both the beard and the hat!

Great colors! Great hat!Well done Mason :cheering:

:thumbsup: It looks great!!

Very nice! I just love Moss Stitch. You did a great job!

BTW, it’s good to hear from you…been wondering where you’ve been. :slight_smile:

Lovely hat, great work! Is this the hat for the waitress?

BTW nice makeover!

Thanks. My truck broke down and I’ve been sitting in a hotel in OK all week waiting for them to finish the repairs. Like a dummy I left the power cord for my laptop in the truck and wasn’t able to get online until I got my truck back late yesterday.

Yep it’s the one for the waitress. Thanks.

Ummmm Mason, you grew that much beard waiting for your truck to be fixed? Wow, now that is a REAL man! Is it true? Do real men eat quiche??? LOL!


Honestly, I started the beard a couple of days after this past Labor Day.

Love the hat and I bet the waitress will too. :thumbsup: I mean - what’s not to like??

Great hat, Mason!! Your friend will :heart: :heart: :heart: it.

Looks good!

That’s a pretty hat. I love moss stitch!

Chalk another one up to our linux man!

OK? Just ok? I think it looks great!

OH and my dh loves your quote…