FO: Moss Stitch Cardigan and Fan and Feather Bonnet

I’m so naughty, waiting till the absolute last second to give someone their gift. I finally finished the cardigan yesterday and whipped up the bonnet last night. They are for my old sewing teacher who is having her baby any day now. It’s a relief to have it done and in the mail!

The cardigan pattern is the one I always use, the Daisy Cardigan in the pattern directory here on KH, however, I use the moss stitch the whole way through it.
The bonnet is actually courtesy of own very own Shandeh, I found out. I scrolled down the page and saw the picture and thought, “I know that face…” And sure enough! Thanks, Sandy, for the beautiful pattern!!!

What a beautiful set! I love the fabric that moss st produces, I find it difficult to do for an entire sweater but the result is worth the effort. I’m sure your sewing teacher will be dellighted.

Here is a closeup on the sweater.

Those are beautiful! :inlove:

Wow! You’re just cranking out stuff left and right–and such beautiful specimens, too. Personally, I think you should take out the “new” from your moniker and just leave at “Insaneknitter,” especially since you’re a knitting wildfire!

These are indeed lovely. Bet she’ll be thrilled.

Beautiful job.:cheering:

Very pretty! The white with the silver buttons and ribbons is very nice. Good job on them.

That’s a lovely gift. Lucky teacher!

very sweet!

What a lovely gift of love! Mommas really appreciate hand knits for their new wee ones ! You did such a nice job, too!

Beautiful work! Thanks for trying my bonnet pattern! :slight_smile: