FO: Moss Knit Blanket

I finally finished my son’s blanket! I had to really force myself to stay with it because I was really tired of the pattern. (This is the third one in the past year! And probably my last in the pattern!). He loves it. The final size blanket of 58"x44". The pattern is from the Lion Brand Website, we modified it a bit by making it wider and not adding the fringe. The yarn is LB’s Wool Ease Thick & Quick in “Denim Twist”. I am so glad this one is now an official FO!

:cheering: That is a gorgeous blanket!! I love Moss stitch, but I know it does get boring to knit after many many rows of it. Great Job!!!

I also love moss stitch but it is demanding and you can get very bored with it but what a lovely blanket! I am glad His Majesty is pleased with it :slight_smile:

Oh…I said His M thinking it was a little boy…now I look at the blanket size again…maybe not!

He will always be my “little” boy! (He is actually 12 and very tall! I have a pic of him on my blog with it.) Quick little background to why I knitted him this blanket. Last year around this time I made one as a wedding present and it was so well received, I made another right after that one. He fell in love with it and kept saying how much he liked it. I wasn’t sure the second couple would actually get theirs!
Because he like this so much it became one of his Christmas presents. He got to pick the color of the yarn and decided how big he wanted it. (I waited until had it on sale and had free shipping at the sale time!) When it was getting big enough to lay across my lap and legs as I knitted it, he would come up and rub his hands and face on it. He has been waiting a long time for me to finish it!!! :slight_smile:

Beautiful! I’m adding this to my list of good blanket patterns. Thank you!

It’s beautiful. I love moss stitch, but I’ve never made an entire project with it. I guess it would get pretty boring, after three blankets, but oh, what pretty blankets.:inlove:

Wow!! Looks great! I love the Moss Stitch and have made a few baby blankets with it – and it does get tiring after awhile…way to stick it out!!! Great job!

The blanket looks great. Way to keep up with it.