FO - More FT Clogs

My clogs in WOTA daffodill and grass. Those were the only 2 colors that I had enough yarn that even remotely went together. I am less than thrilled with how they turned out. I totally messed up the 2nd sole join right in the back on the 2nd clog and did not rip it back because I so wanted them to get finished…now there is a big lumpy thing in the back to contend with. Lesson learned? Felting doesn’t hide every mistake! :oops:
I will be making another pair, though, because I can see how great the pattern is, even with my boo-boos. I have an idea for making some rubber-type outer soles for them so my next pair might be a wear-everywhere pair!

ooops…I can see the lumpy thing, but I bet you won’t be able to feel it. I really like the colors though!

:cheering: they look fine! I’m pretty sure that with wear that lumpy part will go away. :cheering: as for colors that go together - there are no rules. go wild if you like. I plan on making an Avocado and Tulip pair soon. also considering Carrot and Blue Bonnet, as well as Violet and Hollyberry.

KK! yoo hoo, where is KK? I recall her mentioning that she likes the prefelted stitch pattern on the uppers.

I think they look GORGEOUS! I love the colors!

i love em too and the colors are wonderful.

Those are FANNTASTIC! And, YES! I love that you didnt totally lose the st pattern! :cheering: Those are my high school colors, btw…

I wonder if you could TRIM DOWN the lumpy part with scissors. You CAN cut felted material…may be worth a try if you’re gonna make another pair anyway!

Can I add the ones I finished last night to this thread, for those that dont visit the KAL thread? Winter Night and Grass, with Mist soles.

Well the lumpy thing is way down on the bottom and unless someone is lying on the floor no one will see it. I think they look great :thumbsup:

LUVING THE CLOGS :heart: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: :thumbsup: Great job!!!