FO---more FT clogs

I was sick all weekend, so I treated myself to knitting a pair of clogs for ME, ME, ME! Unfortunately, my feltable wool stash has dwindled, and i was left with WOTA Hyacinth, Cherry Blossom and Daffodil. I love all the colors individually but together??? Might as well use up what I had though. The result is wild, but really not too bad once felted. Now my little sis wants some after seeing the ones I made for DH…looks like I’ll be placing another KP order today :slight_smile:

:inlove: yummy! great job! :cheering:

Wow, you’re fast! I think those colors work well together. :thumbsup:

:cheering: those are cool!! I love the colors together- did you hold two strands together for them? (2 different colors, I mean) I really like that effect! I can only dream of finishing something that fast, sigh-maybe one day!

the colors worked great together. I love the effect once felted.

Thanks…I was pleasantly suprised with the colors too. They look much better together once felted.

I did use two colors for the body…it’s easy since the pattern calls for this through out. Keep in mind…I was sick on the couch all day so that adds up to lots of knitting time :slight_smile:

those WERE funky looking pre-felting! But I agree with everyone else, they look great once felted. Fabulous! I bought those three colors for some project, thinking that on screen, they looked nice toegther, but when i put them together in real life, I was like ACK! But I might try them again, since they lookd good felted…

I think that’s how I ended up with those also…thinking they’d look cute together for a felted bag, but the hyacinth is pretty purple rather than blue.

I SO :heart: LOVE :heart: your colors!!! very nice…cool :sunglasses: clogs!!

Those are great. I love anything wild when it is for wearing around the house. I think they looked awesome before you felted them even.


Just think, if you hadn’t been using up the last of you stash you wouldn’t have used those colors together. After you felted them, they look like they were make for each other. :cheering: :inlove: :cheering:

Those turned out really nice. What pattern did you use? I know I’ve seen a pattern somewhere on this site, but I can’t fine it now.

I do have to admit that the before picture was kind of like hmmm, will those work together, but the after picture, i love the hint of daffodil that comes through. They are great!

It is the fiber trends clog pattern…there is a thread about it in the knit along forum.

wow very cool clogs, great coloring, those are pretty nifty.