FO...more Fiber Trends Clogs

My previous pair of clogs had a little “accident”. I love them so much they absolutely had to be replaced (I wear them all the time)! More pics and “accident” story here.

I love those colors!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Great story! Bad doggy!! :mad:

Wow, those colors! :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove:

Those sure won’t get lost under the bed will they? They look great!

:roflhard: yup…they are bright! Somehow I think that’s necessary in slippers and other types of accessories no one sees since the rest of my wardrobe is pretty boring…white, black, khaki and the occasional (wild now!) red.

Loverly clogs, ma’am :wink: …sorry about the accident with your others!

I love the color!!! What yarn did you use of the main color of the clog? I like how it is two toned.

beautiful color choices!!!

Owwww ! I love those colors !!!

Since you hold two strands together throughout the pattern, I used a green and yellow on the clog part. The colors are cascade 220: 2413, 7814, 9468

Pretty!! :cheering:

Love, love, love the bright colors! Great job! :heart: :inlove: :heart:

I love the colors! :inlove:

I’m sorry to hear about your other clogs though. :frowning:

Kemp…I’m working on a pair right now & the green you are using for your sole is the same as mine, but my upper is with purple…lol.

I’ll show you once i’m done.

Great minds think alike…
Rhy :slight_smile:

I have SO much to learn about knitting - I had no idea you could knit a pair of slippers (although now that I know, it’s like oh - DUH! of course you can!). Looks neat! :slight_smile:

rhy…why yes they do :slight_smile:

mamabeth…this is SUCH a fun and cool pattern. There is a whole big thread on them in the KAL section.

Our dog used to love to chew the bottom of my old ones, too, even when I was wearing them. I actually got to wear my latest pair again last night–it was chilly and my toes were cold for the first time in months! I’d forgotten how comfy they are!

Love yours! It is a great way to use whatever color you have laying around, though.

All Done…

Whats the verdict???

Rhy :heart: :heart: :heart:

Wow, they look great! An that picture could be on the front of the pattern…very artistic!

I certainly is, Kemp! I love your clogs, Rhy! Gorgeous :cheering:

Sheesh, thanks guys, funny as i wasn’t ‘setting a stage’ so to speak…lol.

Ah well, think i’ll send it to Fiber Trends…who knows…they probably get tonnes of great photos…

Thanks again,
Rhy :muah: