FO: Mooses hat! (aka 2010 mock Olympic hat)

After the cute hat with the mooses (fine… reindeers…) was linked I was DYING to have one. Of course $75 is a bit steep so I found a pattern on Ravelry and set off to knit it.

The pattern needed a lot lot lot of adjusting size wise, but so far I’m liking the results I’m getting. Not to mention this is my VERY FIRST time doing any sort of colorwork!!! AHHH!!! Turns out it’s pretty easy, but I’d still rather do lace ;o)

So here it is!

Very nice. For your first colourwork, this is a fantastic job! You are more brave than I have been. I have never tried colourwork. Great job!!!

Looks great so far! :woohoo:

Thanks so much!!! Christine, I LOVE the quote in your profile haha!!!

It’s got a few dimples and weirdnesses despite me reading about how SUPER important it was to hold the yarn loosely I guess me not holding the yarn at all didn’t eliminate the dimples. I think I might very very lightly felt the finished product anyway because I want the stitches to look a little less defined.

Very nice and moosely! :thumbsup:

Looks great!

Just don’t hold it too loosely either. I tried that recently and looked just as bad as it did when it was too tight!:hair:

Great job Evan! It’s looking splendid!!

Looking good!

Very cute! I look forward to the FO :cheering:

Here are the pictures of the finished hat - it doesn’t fit :o/

Sorry it doesn’t fit but it’s totally awesome!!!:woohoo:

I’m soaking it right now then I’m going to stretch it out over the bottom of a pot lol. Hopefully it’ll give a lil because it’s just barely too small.

Looks great! Hopefully the pot thing works :thumbsup:

I’m sorry it doesn’t fit…hopefully a good blocking will help. That also helps with the colors laying better too…you will prolly see a difference on how it all lays.

I like how you did the different colors for the reindeer…very nice, awesome first color work project :yay:

Thanks!!! I didn’t realize that I was attempting to do intarsia in the round for the entire hat!!! I actually didn’t really familiarize myself with different colorwork techniques until I read your comment about your flag :o) Hopefully it all evens out and fits. If not I have a few students that would love it no matter what.

Lesson learned - don’t just blindly follow advice without looking into every option yourself ;o)

Great hat, Evan! Hope the reblocking helps…

Hi Evan!

I couldn’t see your pics here on KH (b/c I’m at work), but I checked them out on Ravelry…I love the mooses hat!! Did the stretching work? I looked at some of your other projects too. You’re such a good knitter!