FO: 'Monster' scarf


This is a scarf I knitted for my nephew. The original pattern called for a worsted weight yarn but being an idiot that I was, I used a bulky yarn without decreasing the number of stitches or measuring the width of it!! :wall: Live and learn!!

And… because it’s a textured yarn, I didn’t continue the ribbing pattern after I saw there’s no point of doing it.

Anyhow… this monster is about 11 in. wide and 61 in. length. I’m just glad that this damn thing is finished because I just want to move on to my next project.

[size=6]I do NOT like Home Spun!!![/size]

I love the colors but I agree…Homespun=blech

I love the colors, and I kinda like scarves that are wide-ish.

I have not had much success with Homespun “yarn,” and I doubt I would ever use it again now that I know there is real yarn out there!

It looks lovely!!!

I know what you mean about Homespun. If I use really HUGE needles, then knitting with it isn’t that bad. But I’d prefer a nicer bulky yarn without the weird ziggy-zag business!

Do you have a more exciting project in store for you now?!


I have a triangle shawl for my mom, a vest for my dad, and an afghan for I don’t know who yet. I’m just excited to know that I will knit non-square objects! The funny thing is my dh asked me tonight if I could knit matching hat and booties for a 6-month old baby for his friend in Sweden. Then he started saying about knitting a few christmas gifts for our friends.

Dang! I should start charging him…

LOVE the colors!

I love a big ol scarf. Homespun has its quirks. I have a love/hate relationship with it :roflhard:

I too hate Homespun !!! I love the colors, but that’s it !!! LOL ! Way da go for dealing with such a meany yarn :cheering: !

I really like it! :thumbsup:

I think it looks just fine! I’m sure he’ll love it. BTW, I’m in Richmond Hill also…Mulberry. Small world

Gee, Elza, you’ve got a lot of knitting projects planned! :shock:

Ditto on all of the above! I too hate Homespun! I tried to knit a sweater with it and ended up with a “car bra” for our Miata!! :roflhard: I think many of us have our knitting trial by fire with that yarn. The colors are lovely and you did a great job!

Sop 1 in NC :XX:

Lovely :smiley:
LOL, lots of knitters don’t seem to like Homespun…not my fave, either :wink:

hopespun is… okay. I didn’t mind it when I did a crocheted project for my mom afew years ago, but I knit a scarf with it last year and BLECH! I hated the feel and it had NO give at all! Never again.

You did a great job on that scarf, btw- it looks great! :smiley:

Your scarf looks wonderful, and being so wide it’ll certainely be warm! :happydance:

I’m with the rest of the crowd about the Homespun… I’m amazed you had the patience to finish the scarf!

I wanted to frog it many times!! Now that it’s done, my nephew keeps asking me when he can get the scarf. I told him it’s so big that he can just wear the scarf and underpants to keep himself warm in the winter… lol

I think it looks great! Feels good to have a FO I bet!