FO - Monkey socks

Just finished these last night—for me! I think this will become my favorite pattern for variegated sock yarn. This is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silkie in the “Lunasea” colorway – yarn I picked up this past October at Stitches East, here in Baltimore. Needle: size 1 (2.50mm) 16" inch KnitpPicks Harmony – 2 circulars method.

I’ve already started another pair.:teehee:

They look great! I absolutely LOVE this pattern, and the colour looks great with it.

Very pretty!!! :inlove:

Those are so pretty! Never could understand why the call them “monkey” socks though. :??

I believe it’s called “Monkey” because the designer couldn’t/wouldn’t rest until she had worked out this pattern. She had to get this “monkey” off her back. :wink:

Pretty!!! I :heart: the color!

Beautiful! I am looking forward to trying some socks once I get through my hat phase…you are an inspiration.

Love the colors too! :yay:

Very nice! :yay: I need to get back to the sock knitting.

The pattern sure looks interesting with that verigated yarn doesn’t it? I was wondering about the name, too, as I see others were!

DH was trying to talk me into trying my hand at sock knitting earlier today… Soon maybe…

Thanks everyone! it’s an easy pattern - and a great “first lace” pattern for anyone who wants to try it. Hey, redheadrachel, if you are out there, pick another sock pattern, so I can copy you! :slight_smile:

:inlove: very pretty…I love that colorway!

these look awesome!

exactly. :thumbsup:

i L:heart:VE these! the colorway is perfect for the pattern. i’m about to start my own monkeys. :happydance:

Oooooo - I really like that pattern! I’m doing an eyelet pattern sock for my DD right now & I was going to frog the foot part to do St st (save on yarn) but now that I see this I might just have to frog the entire thing & change to Monkey Socks. :figureditout:


Very nice and I love the colour x

Wonderful! I want to do socks. Must. learn. to. knit. socks…

So pretty! I haven’t made this pattern yet, but looking at yours makes me want some of my own. Love the colors!

They are gorgeous. So is the yarn.

Those look wonderful!