FO: Monkey socks!

Hey everyone! You may have noticed I’ve had three FOs in a row after a long while… it’s because I finally finished my Junior Recital a week ago. Now I’ve just got finals to worry about, so I have all kinds of free time! Piece of cake compared to my recital! (lol If you were a music major, you know what I’m talking about)
So I love the Monkey Sock pattern and have wanted to make them for quite a while. They’re my first project with lace work. I was just waiting for the perfect yarn, and I believe this Alpaca Sox yarn was it! I love the way the pattern shows off the yarn, and it’s just beautiful! They’re made for a lovely lady that I go to church with here at school! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

More pics and details on Ravelry!

I love them! The colour is absolutely great and shows the pattern well:thumbsup:. I’ve had these bookmarked for quite awhile now, waiting for their turn and the KniPicks Memories waiting for my free time to knit them :teehee:.

They’re really nice. Great job! she’ll love them cloud9


The Monkeys look great! I love that pattern …

Congratulations on your recital. Did you have to do a jury as well? I get to sit and listen to my (and the other) student’s juries Tuesday.

Thanks! No, we don’t have formal juries at my small school. I do, however, have a really honest piano professor. lol
Good luck!!!

Excellent job on both the socks and the recital! I love Monkey…I’ve made two pairs so far, and I don’t plan on stopping.

:happydance: They look great!!!

Very nice - love the color!!

They look great.:yay: I’m sure she’ll love them!!

Very good looking socks. Good job! :thumbsup:

Very nice Rachael x

Beautiful! Lovely yarn, and you did a great job!

Whoo, girl I know exactly how you feel when it comes to recitals, juries, etc. I’m a junior music major, too and my jury is tomorrow and after that and all my finals are over, I will be a knitting MACHINE! :woot: And your socks are a beauty, btw. I’m making them for my mother for Christmas. Hopefully she will actually wear them, unlike the 2 other things I’ve knitted for her. Sheesh, where’s the appreciation?

Wow, Rachel, you’ve done it again! Those are gorgeous! You’re right about the yarn/pattern combination. You are the queen of socks.