FO - Monkey Socks

Just finished these beauties this weekend!

Monkey Socks from Knitty. Knit in amazing Duets Sock Yarn - I’m addicted to this stuff! These were really a quick knit - the pattern repeat was easy and give such a cool effect. Can’t wait to wear these when it cools off!


those are the coolest monkeys i’ve ever seen!! :noway: :cheering:

Beautiful! Way to take an already unique sock and make it your own! It’s great! :woot:

I love how you made the toes and heels different!

I just have to have a pair of those …You have done a great job

What a great job!

I love those…great job!! I haven’t tried the duet yarn yet but I love the colors…

These look great too!

Oh! I love those socks so much more than the ones I am making right now … thinking of frogging mine now and doing yours!

Very nice! I’ve never seen Monkeys with different color souls and toes!

:yay: Those are great! I :heart: the contrasting heel and toe!

These socks are gorgeous! :heart:

Those are pretty, what an interesting color combo!