FO - monkey socks

ok. so you only get to see one. the other foot is kinda broken…

But I :heart: love :heart: my socks! I can’t wait until I can manage to put both on…

The pattern is from

The yarn is jitterbug in the toscana colorway.

Oh yeah. The two little bundles are all the yarn I had left. I was afraid the socks would have blue toes…

edit to add a picture of the heels. I’m really proud of how well they turned out. They are sherman short row heels.

:drool: So purty!!! Nice job. :wink: And I’m lovin’ that yarn!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Great!

Those are awesome!

Did you get my PM?

Love them!! :heart: :cheering: I am knitting a pair right now! It is such a great pattern - very simple and goes fast. Yours look great!

:cheering: :notworthy:

So pretty!!

Very nice socks!!
The yarn looks great, but is a bit too pricy for me and probably won’t streach to my huge size 9 uk feet :oops:
I love the pattern, this is one i have yet to try. Well done on the short-rows :notworthy: , must attempt them at some point.

Hazel x