FO: Monkey socks (blocked and unblocked)

Hey everyone! I finished a pair of Monkey socks with some beautiful yarn from Etsy. I wanted to show a pic with one sock blocked and the other not blocked to really show the difference.
Now, I know that both socks will look beautiful once worn on the foot. But the blocked one looks just. so. much. nicer. :slight_smile: Once again, I’m telling you all: you should block stuff (not everything, but more than you already do… lol) You WILL NOT regret it!

Now I’m off to throw that second sock in the wash :thumbsup:


(Much better, n’est-ce pas?)

WOW! Pretty socks! Blocked or not, they are very pretty.
Nice work :thumbsup:

That is quite a difference. They look great.

Great looking pair :inlove:! I just finished my pair of Monkey socks and they look great on the foot. Blocking is a great thing, isn’t it?

They sure do look nice blocked!

Wow! I just finished a pair of socks for my dad. I didn’t even think to block them. Thanks so much for showing what a difference a little blocking makes even for socks!

Now I’m off to block my dad’s socks. (I’m giving the socks ot him for his birthday next week, hehe!)

:happydance: They look great!!

Very pretty!!



Those are great looking socks. I really like that pattern. They came out really well…

I am trying to get up the nerve to make socks with some kind of pattern. Are they top downs or toe ups? Is this a free pattern Rachel? If so can you direct me to the link for the pattern? Thanks!

Rachel, your socks are georgeous! You really have that “blocking” thing down pat…LOL!

I’m not Rachel, but I believe the pattern is found at Knitty for the Monkey Socks…I’ll try and link!

Yep, that’s the one from Knitty! Cookie A is amazing. Thanks Merry Knitter.

And thanks everyone for your kind words!