FO: Monkey Love!

So. I have a dear friend who’s helped me out greatly in the past. He also happens to have a thing for sock monkeys - of the sewn Red Heel variety. Little does he know that the lil’ feller below’s heading his way soon, as a big thank you! from me. Hopefully he’ll play nice with all the other sock monkeys Tim has :wink:

BTW, pattern’s from YvonneKnits at

That monkey is just so darn cute. I’m sure your friend will be thrilled with his new addition! You really did a wonderful job!

Thanks, Mary Ann - from what his wife tells me, he’ll appreciate it b/c it’s handmade! BTW, are you f/Newfoundland (hence “Newfygirl”)?

:inlove: Oooh, it’s so cute! He’ll LOVE it.

:inlove: Oo oo, that is too cute! That is on my list of to do’s. You’ve done an excellent job. :slight_smile:

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT:heart: :heart:

Yet ANOTHER thing to add to my “wish” list!!!

Oh gracious, Nuknitter!!! You have serious talent and this is a FANTASTIC monkey! :thumbsup: :cheering: :yay: :yay: :yay:

SO cute!!! He is a handsome fella and has so much more personality than a cut-up sock. I hope all the other monkeys won’t be too jealous.

Hi, nuknitter - no, I am not from Newfoundland -my dog is a Newfoundland - hence, “Newfy”. He is 140 lbs. of big, hairy love! My dad calls him our horse.
Thanks for asking, though.

He is so cute. I am sure he will be well loved.

That’s an adorable monkey!!
I remember my sister getting a sock monkey while she was in the hospital for chemotherapy. She loooooved that monkey =)
Marvelous work!

I went to ETSY and ordered the monkey pattern (and a couple others). It says the pattern is in PDF format. Does that mean that sooon I will receive an email with the pdf file?

:yay: how cute!!

GinnyG~yep you should get an e-mail with the pattern…sometimes that can take a day or 2…I think most ask that you give them 48hrs to send it to you.

He is so cute!

He is so cute…x

Thank you everyone, for the props :wink: And dustinac for the :heart: on Ravelry! Y’all are all too sweet :muah:

Yup, GinnyG, just like dustinac says, give the designer a day or two - it’s sometimes a real live person who’s behind the transaction, not always an automated computerized deal.

Now. Next is Elijah the elephant, by Ysolda, for my friends’ soon-to-be-adopted new son!

Your little monkey is so cute and I love his scarf! :smiley:

what a thoughtful gift!! it came out great!

Very cute!

Perfect knitting! Soo cute. I love it. :cheering: