FO: Mom's Scarf

Sorry for the generic title but this scarf really doesn’t have a name. The pattern is from Six Simple Scarves by Lisa Knits, and this is Scarf F. I made it as a Christmas gift for my mother. I used Berroco Boboli yarn. It isn’t quite as soft as I would have liked but I love the colors! It should go with any color coat she wants to wear it with.

I’m quickly learning that scarves can get tedious. My first choice for Mom was Scarf B from the same pattern using Classic Shades by Universal Yarn. Don’t like working with the yarn and HATE the fact that out of three skeins, two had the colors in the same sequence, one was not remotely close, even though they’re all the same dye lot. So, I lack just enough of the darkest color to finish maybe two inches. But I digress…I like the colors of Boboli much better!

Thanks for looking!

What a beautiful scarf! I’m sorry to hear it isn’t as soft as you’d like, but you’re right about the colors–they’re gorgeous and will go with just about anything.

Good job!!

What a lovely scarf in a beautifully knit pattern! This is a wonderful gift that I’m sure your mother will love.

That’s very pretty!

Beautiful scarf! :yay:

It’s beautiful and she will love it. You may find the yarn softens up with washing and if it has to be hand washed put a little softener in the water and swish it around a bit and rinse it out each time to help out scratchiness.

Oh it’s lovely! I think the yarn you’re using made the pattern stitch even better! Great work! :thumbsup:

Good idea! I hadn’t really planned to wash it before giving to mom but now I will, with softener! Thanks!

I love both colours and texture and hope washing will make it softer. Great gift!