FO: Moebius Scarf

Made of Brooks Farms Fourplay (again, a really GREAT yarn) in the Amber colorway

Whole Scarf
Bias Fold
Texture Shot

That is beautiful! I want to see it on! Please model for us.


:heart: Beautiful! Love the yarn. Isn’t moebius fun! (When I’ve done it, everyone who sees it thinks I messed up. :lol: )

:smiley: Beautiful! Lovely colors!!! I’m now inspired to do a moebius, I’ve not yet done one…now I must :wink:

Stunning! I LOVE the colors!

Heck! The first couple of false starts I thought I messed up!! :lol:

I think the moebius are so neat… on the 31rst my LYS was doing knit fling till midnight this was what they were making… mom and I were hoping to take the class but it didn’t work out… I’m hoping I can get the pattern though… I love the colors great job!! :thumbsup:

Ooh, it’s so pretty. :inlove:

Wow, that is stunning! Nice work! :inlove: :inlove:

And I’m with Candice–model it for us!

Very nice! I’d like to see it on you too. :slight_smile:

Stunning!! Would love to get some Brooks Farm yarn! Can’t wait to see you modeling your FO! :thumbsup:

Gorgeous! Your pictures are so clear and detailed too!