FO: Mmmmalabrigo scarf

I posted this in my blog, but I thought I would add it here too. It is the Rainy Day scarf in Mmmmmalabrigo. I believe the colorway is Cognac. I am so pleased with how it turned out. I still need to block it but I have already worn it and it is wonderful! :heart: :heart:

[color=blue]Looks sooo soft and such beautiful colors. :heart: Makes you want to bury your face in it. I love Mmmmmalabrigo :teehee: Would this be ok to make mittens with do you think? :?? It feels so yummy and is so soft. :hug:

n sebago, me [/color]


:heart: :heart: it!!! i have been wanting to try this pattern and this yarn…love them combined!

Is this your own pattern? Its just lovely. :heart:

Anne - I have buried my face in it a lot!! :teehee: I think it would make great mittens. I actually still have a skein left - maybe I should make some!! :cheering:

fmama - it isn’t my pattern. The link is in my original post. I loked high an low for just the right one though. It is so easy - just purls and knits.

Lots of people don’t check the blogs so it’s a great idea to post here, too.

That scarf is just beautiful! Love the color and texture!

that looks purty and so cushy

I love it! :heart:

Your scarf is lovely, I love the yummy color and that stitch looks fun!

That is soooo pretty. Ever since I saw the rainy day scarf pattern I knew I wanted to save that for malabrigo…I have been looong awaiting Christmas for my yarn gift cards so I can get ahold of some.