FO - Mittens

Mittens for Afghans for Afghans winter campaign.

Very nice! Nice and bright colors!

Cool, Jan. :slight_smile: I knew I couldn’t crank out a pair of mittens for this campaign. There are some nice ones posted on the afghans for Afghans KAL site.

Where? You mean the ones in the picture hanging on the line? That’s the pattern I used for these. :thumbsup: BTW the pair only took two days.

Those are adorable! They look nice and cozy. cloud9

Very nice! :slight_smile:

I was speaking of the blogspot at this address ( afghans for Afghans Knit-And-Crochet Along. People can post pictures (once they join) and information is publicized about what is happening at a4A and addresses to useful patterns are listed that can be used for current campaigns.

I can do a decent job of knitting up the Gifted mittens pattern by Kate Gilbert in a timely manner; however, since they have to be seamed after knitting that could through a wrench in my production time. I am hopeful that I will be able to contribute to the next mitten drive, I am still working on the blanket I started in late June though.

Thanks for that info, Katrina! I will check out that blog!

Those look very nice, warm, and cozy cloud9

They are lovely Jan. I like the colours you have chosen :slight_smile:

They look wonderful!! Congrats!

They look great! I love the colors!

:happydance: very cute!!

Good contribution to the mitten project!!