Here are my first ever mittens and I made a second pair already. The pattern is so easy to do [COLOR=#e88787]…amples/Mittens[/COLOR]
The first pair I made for my daughter and the pattern was for womens size so I just kinda guessed for the size for and I think I did ok. The second pair I made for my son. He likes them and I think my daughter likes hers.

VERY cute! Mitten’s are cute too!
Nice work. :thumbsup:


Great job! :slight_smile:

Look great!

How sweet. Very cute.

There great…The first pair a mittens I knitted came out like spades!!
I think I will have another go now I have seen yours.

The pattern I used was so easy too.

Very cute!! and great mittens :happydance:


Hi mommaG
I have downloaded the pattern thank you so much x

:woohoo:Great job! Don’tcha love knittin’ mittins’ :wink: I love knitting mittens–no pesky fingers to deal with (well, just the thumb!:teehee:)