FO mittens and next project

Here’s a pair of fluffy cuff mittens from Stitch and bitch. I used some thick worsted yarn that I got on sale a long time ago. A discontinued line. And some Mode Dea Dream for the fluffy part. I only had enough left over of two different colors but they’re soft so who cares.

Then here;s some mmmmmmmmmmmm for the Rasta Hat from Vivki Howells new book.

:notworthy: :muah: Love the mittens!! They look great!! I can’t wait to get better at knitting so I can do a project like that :cheering:

I have yet to successfully make mittens
Yours rock
Like the fuzzy cuff
and are they really Different colors


I love those mittens, Lori! Just beautiful!

those mittens look great!!!

I like that your mittens don’t match.

The mittens look great! I love the blue in that Mmmmmmmmmalabrigo for the Rasta hat! :inlove:

Your mittens turned out great! I can’t wait to start working on mittens (waiting for fall).

Awesome mittens!!!

Too cute~ theylook so soft and comfy~!

Thanks for the compliments :blush:

This really doesn’t have to do with anything but I have P.J.’ s that match your sheets. lol cute