FO: mitt by hubby

This is great.

I’ve been knitting for a month or two and my DH expressed only mild interest in my new hobby until I started my Irish Hiking Scarf. All of a sudden he became terribly interested in cables, and set about to make some of his own. Enter my new fingerless mitt:

Not too shabby for his first knitting project, eh? I’m worried that he’s lost momentum, however; I want my second mitt! I’m wearing the first one now. It’s fun. I also hope he can remember what he did for the cables, since he just winged it.

That is so cool.xx

Wow…he did a great job!!

Great job for his first knitting item! And tackling cables to boot! Good at him!

I am impressed. I’ve got my significant other knitting - he started with a plain scarf and stopped. You’re lucky to have half a pair of mittens! Maybe if I tell mine that some other guy started with cables, he’ll get that male competitive streak going and finish the scarf.

Tell your husband it looks great and now we want to see the other one.

What a great job he has done . Lets hope he makes the other one to match lol

How cool!

Would it motivate your SO to tell him that he wanted to sew my wedding dress, too? We talked him out of that one just in time…:teehee:

He definitely likes the attention, btw.

You must be a good teacher 'cause that’s a very impressive first project. I can’t even get my significant other to take the trash out much less be interested in knitting. :mrgreen:

Oh, I wish I could take credit for it, but all I did was show him how to cast on, knit, purl, and knit in the round. Actually, that process was hilarious in itself. He figured out the cables all by himself, though.

That’s amazing! Pretty colors, too.

:roflhard: No, I think that would cause him to give up! Aah, let your hubby bask in it then, he deserves it. Make him a cup of tea and show him this:

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy::notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Oh thank goodness, I am so glad to read that. That is mine’s only job. Yup, his one and only job. Take out the trash. I’ll tell ya, sometimes it’s a battle. He’ll take out the trash, but forget to replace the bin liner. Then I have to point out that it’s part of the whole process, take out the trash, new bin liner. It’s been five years now, but to be fair, when I met him, he didn’t even own a trash can! He used a plastic grocery bag hanging off a cabinet door handle. :doh:

Cabled mittens? Not a chance. So have another, MellieThePooh’s DH: :notworthy:

He did a great job!! I hope you get the other mitt :teehee:

almost 2yrs ago I think…I was trying to show my SIL how to CO and my brother was like oh it can’t be that hard…so he sat down with us… CO and took off knitting…then I showed him how to purl…he had a scarf going but never finished it…made the sil so mad cause she couldn’t grasp the CO and he would have to CO for her and then refresh her memory on the knit as well :teehee:

Good news…I showed him this thread and he started making the second one last night!:woohoo:

Oh good. Once that’s done, will he continue knitting? I hope so, looks like he’s a natural.

That was his first project?? It took me almost a year to do cables! Good job, DH! Hope he makes a second one for you!

That’s awesome! My DH knit a baby hat for our neighbor (one of those long rectangles that just gets folded over & seamed) and I ended up doing all the ribbing etc. I can’t imagine him ever taking on a cabled project! Kudos to your hubby!

Well, he finished the second one and wanted me to upload a picture so everybody would know he’s not a slacker!

I’m happy!

:happydance:They look wonderful!! I had been wondering if he made you the second one :teehee: