FO: mitered purse

Made this in about a week. Gave me something to do while the hubby watched the world cup!

US 7 size circular 24" needles
Peace Fleece brand wool in gray
less than one yard of sturdy fabric
matte board, plexiglass or timtex (or purse bottom from craft store)

Purchased the pattern as part of a kit on
And, the watermelon was yummy. :wink:

OOh thats lovely! What a great shaped bag!

I like the shape, too! :thumbsup: There are a lot of crescent-shaped bags out there where the handle ends pull each end of the purse upward. This is such a cute alternative - very eye catching! :inlove:

:cheering: :cheering: I LOVE, LOVE that bag…WTG :thumbsup:

Oh wow…that is so cool!

That looks great!!! Did you have any trouble lining it?

Love the idea about using the extra sturdy material for the bottom.

That is really neat! It looks great!

Very pretty! I love the style and the color!

What a cool concept!

jamadian75 – i didn’t have any trouble lining the bag – i just used my sewing machine. but stitching the “pockets” of matte board to the sides and bottom was tough. i ended up stitching that by hand.

thanks for all the kind responses!

Great purse! I love the natural earthy look to it! It will go with everything!