FO: Miss BB

Very, very, very beautiful. Like always.

It’s lovely!

Absolutely gorgeous!!! :inlove: Any chance you’ll model it for us?

Yes, as soon as I get a good day! Been taking care of my husband. He had a total hip replacement on Dec 2. I finished my Miss BB on Dec 1st! Since then, I’ve been crazy nuts taking care of him!

Photos soon!

Great sweater, of course, but how is hubby now? Hip any better? Are you getting enough rest also?

Like someone above said, I want to knit like you when I grow up!.

THANKS! I appreciate your kind words about my knitting!

John is up and then down. But mostly up. Just when we’ve conquered one challenge, another one comes along. No, I’m not getting enough rest. I can tell because all I can manage to knit are hats right now! Can’t tackle the big stuff. I have two sweaters waiting for blocking and then finishing…but just don’t have the energy to do it. So I’ve made 2 hats and a third is halfway done! I needed them anyway. One of the patterns I paid $5 for the PDF over at Rav, and haven’t done a thing with it til now! Am using some leftover Noro Silk Garden for it! Yay! Made a scarf this summer with some of that same yarn. I’ll have a 2-pc set soon!

I love hats and scarves! Wish I knit gloves, gauntlets and socks!

A girl can’t have too many hats, scarves, shoes and handbags, can she??? :teehee:

Ah, yes. A healthy hubby is top priority! Hope he’s been having more up days than down :hug: