FO-Mini Mochi Socks

Not thrilled with the results. They are very soft, but this yarn was a bear to work with on size 1’s. It is EXTREMELY splitty. I didn’t care for the variation in striping on the different balls either. Even if I had managed to start both socks with the same color they still would’ve looked totally different because the striping was so much wider on the one ball. Oh well.

I think they’re beautiful!

I love those. They are so pretty!!!

Very nice! Too bad the yarn was difficult to work with … but I think you did a great job! :cheering:

WandaT, those socks are beautiful. I have made several pairs of socks using self-striping yarns, and only one pair has come out with both socks the same. After trying to start with the same color space on the yarn, and having to ‘waste’ lots of yarn, just decided I could live with fraternal, rather than identical ‘twin’ socks. Socks don’t show much anyway when you have shoes on!!! linknit41

Those are the kind of socks that you can’t help but feel happy when you wear them. They are so colorful and perky! Nice work!

Sorry they were such a pain to knit, but the look beautiful! I love the colors, and they look so soft and warm.

I just looked up mini mochi yesterday and it said that it makes fraternal twin socks. I did make a pair of socks that turned out that way. I didn’t like them very much. I do love yours, the color is just wonderful. They’re keepers where the and smile.

They look great Wanda! I think perfectly matching socks are over-rated :wink:

I think they’re gorgeous !! I’ve done several pair of striped socks and I think the stripes only worked out similarly on one pair - and that was the City Socks self striping.
MiniMochi is all the rage at my LYS right now - seriously, new colors sell out the day she brings them in so I haven’t gotten any yet.

I think they’re really pretty.

In some of the ‘upscale’ stores here, people pay $25.00 for a pair of mismathing socks; yours are prettier!

That yarn is pain to work with, if I’m thinking of the right one, so you did a great job.

Thanks everybody. I like them too but would’ve loved them if they had matched just a little more. Oh well.

vaknitter - my LYS can’t keep Mini Mochi in either. The only time I get to see it is they’ve just gotten a box in. They only had 2 balls when I was there Tuesday. I had to order mine (Jimmy Beans Wool).

Debkcs - I loved working with the yarn when making scarves and using size 5’s. It’s very soft. But when going down to 1’s it really was a pain. I would use it again for larger needles projects but not for socks.

They look divine!

I knit 6 scarves (12 balls) using Mini-Mochi recently! [I][B]Splitty [/B][/I]is an understatement! Addi needles prevent splitty yarns from splitting hairs. I couldn’t use my KnitPicks AT ALL.

Hi Wanda,

I think they’re beautiful! I’ve been working on some mini-mochi socks and mine don’t match, either (although they are closer than your two). Seeing your socks makes me want to knit my next pair with a plainer stitch, and just enjoy the beauty of knitting!

Yes, it is splitty. I’ve been finding I like my bamboo dpns better than my knitpicks for all the rows except when I have to do K2tog, because the tips are a bit rounder and they don’t split the mochi as easily.

Anyway, would you like me to post a picture of mine? (I don’t want to hijack your thread.)


Ohhhhh…so pretty!

And you know, I had totally forgotten that I bought two skeins of the yarn too! I’m sitting here looking at them. What wonderfully soft, vibrant yarn! I can’t wait to knit mine up now!!