FO: Mini-Christmas Stocking

So… I started knitting about 4 weeks ago… and I was so beyond frustrated with it. I decided I would stick to it and JUST learn the knit stitch (for some reason purl was just BEYOND my comprehension).

Of course I got bored with that… quickly ;o) So I forced myself to learn how to purl. I also assured myself that THAT was where I drew the line… none of these silly increases and decreases. Well… that was until I fell in love with the Malabrigo Merino wool and decided I HAD to have a hat.

… and now here we are… I finished a basic sock pattern!!! I’m in shock!!!

BTW this is only possible because of all the support and wonderful videos on this forum - <3 :o)

Ahhh, that is just too cute! Good job, Evan!

GREAT stocking! Wow, you catch on QUICK! It was well after I got bored with scarves and such that I ventured into anything more complicated (aka anything with any kind of shape!) You’ll be whipping out great FO’s with Artlady in no time!!

Awww that is so cute!!!

This is what happens when you learn “the basics”…you keep wanting to learn more and more and soon: a cool lil Christmas sock!
What next???/

Wow!! I feel so inadequate next to these awesome new knitters who can produce projects like this so quickly. It took me forEVER to feel comfortable with branching out. Congrats! Your sock looks great!! What’s next?

It is a great feeling when something new is learned and accomplished. I love knitting mini Christmas stockings - they go so much quicker than real socks although I do love wearing my knitted socks more than store-bought.

Great job.


I chuckled as I read through your post. It sounds like you have the bug we know so much about. You are on your way, man. Go, Evan!! Very nice little sock BTW.

Very ambitious for a beginning knitter! I love your little sock, and it will surely save you money on presents at Xmas time, LOL.