FO: Michaelmas Mitts

Im making these for my daughter for her birthday on 1-17.

I want to change the hand part to be fingerless gloves. right now they are mitts.
I dont have to worry about the thumb, Im just changing the fingers.

FYI: Ive never made gloves before but have always wanted to.

Translation: HELP…lol

I pulled out my “Handy Book Of Patterns” by Ann Budd and assume I can just work the fingers according to her pattern to the point or length the Michaelmas Mitts Pattern tells me to bind off, and bind off??

Ive looked around Ralvery and the web and have found no one who has done this… maybe theres a reason?

Im casting on tonight for the arms.


These look like they are already fingerless mittens. Do you mean you want to add fingers, but short ones? If you can find a pattern for gloves that have the same, or very close to the same number of stitches as the mitt pattern, that would probably be a big help to you. Then when you get to the palm length you need you could switch to the other pattern and adjust it a little if needed. The closer the better.

I made a pair of gloves with the short fingers but the ones I did were made starting with the fingers and working to the cuff.

You could look at knittingpatterncentral for patterns that might help, and try GarnStudio/Drops, they have some gloves I think.

IM DONE!!!:woot:

I got the gloves done…(albiet they need a blocking some kinda bad…)

These pictures looked better before I resized them…now they look sorta fuzzy…:pout:

Now, on to the next project in que…finish my Faroese shawl. Im a bit chilly.


Those look great!!:thumbsup:

Sometimes you have to sharpen photos a bit after you resize them. They look fine to me though.

They turned out great! You did a good job adding the fingers.

Those turned out beautifully!! :thumbsup: Good work on the changes. Your daughter will love them.