FO - Mer's Woodland Hat!

These pictures don’t do it justice - the leaf pattern is gorgeous in person.

I had great fun testing this for Mer. This is my first Hat - I started it on Friday afternoon and had to put it down to go to dinner & shopping - picked it up last night and finished this morning! I’m really happy with it!

I used Lion Brand Jiffy Quick & Easy Mohair Look Yarn in the Color El Paso.
The colors aren’t as “primary” as they appear in the pics - it is more subdued.

Very lovely! It looks great on you! :thumbsup:

:cheering: Yay! It looks great on you! Thanks SO MUCH for testing it for me. :thumbsup:

I SO :heart: LOVE it!! As everyone knows…I love leaf patterns…this is very, very nice :cheering: :cheering:

That’s very cute!

SO COOL! And those colors look like JEWELtones! BEAUTIFUL!

:cheering: Great job love the colors!!

Beautiful job on an excellent pattern!! :happydance:

Beautiful hat, beautiful you, and BEAUTIFUL DOG! :mrgreen:


It looks great on you, Lisa! Cricket likes it too, I see :smiley:

And OMG–we have the same hair! Mine’s about an inch or two shorter, but still!

The hat looks great on you and your dog is beautiful.

He’s a greyhound? We wanted to adopt one, but we don’t have a fenced yard :frowning: Invisible fences just don’t work for them.

Lisa –

That is so cute!! You are definitely a hat person. :wink: And it cracks me up that Cricket is playing the shy model in the first pick. I can just hear the photographer, “OK, Cricket … peak around there w/ those pouty eyes … oh, that’s GREAT! OK, now come around in front and give us a soulful look … beautiful, dahling!”

Pout! Pout!

Yez, zhat’s it, dahling…make love to ze cahm-eh-rah!

that is such a cute hat!

great hat…wonderful color !

What a sweet dog (and great hat!) We had a rescue greyhound for about 4 months but he died :frowning: He was found in a pound and all his identification tats had been inked over so he couldn’t be traced. We found out why as he was so sick and obviously abused :frowning: But he was sweet the little time we had him.

Oh Michelle! How awful! I can’t imagine that someone would do that to dog! Poor thing. You are such an angel for taking care of him.

Cricket was acting shy - you guys are a … should I say it?.. hoot!