FO: Mens' Simple Sweater

Here is the finished project. Finally a sweater of my own! Now back to the sweatshop for my wife. :roflhard:
Izzy thinks it should be her sweater. I suppose she is next.


:teehee:Pictures still missing. Check the link in my sig if you’re having trouble.

Wouldn’t let me ad these.

Got it Jan, you were looking over my shoulder!


That’s a great sweater! What yarn did you use?

Nice work - fits great :thumbsup: I like the color too :slight_smile:

The simplest styles on men are always the best, and they say men like simple styles! There is a great book called “Knitting a Sweater that He Will Wear!” It is really an eye-opener!

Your sweater is just wonderful! Well knit, good fit, and great color for him!

I like it very much. I think a simple sweater with clean lines looks best on men. I really like the length of the sleeves - nothing worse than skimpy sleeves on men!!!

Very nice sweater! :cheering: Looks great on you. Can’t do it all for the wife. :thumbsup:

The yarn used for this project was Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool color 126 Nature’s Brown.

The pattern called for 19" sleeves. I measured my arm and knitted them at 23" for a good fit.

Yea simple things are always perfect n this sweater i so nice n beautiful color

The sweater looks wonderful on you, and your Bassett seems to love the way it matches his coat. Great job~~

For a minute there I though you used invisible yarn and made an invisibility sweater (perhaps too much of a Harry Potter joke). :wink:

I agree with everyone’s assessments, you made a very nice men’s sweater. What was your pattern source and is there a link to it?

I’m getting a bit embarrassed that the other guys here have completed sweaters and I haven’t even started one… :oops:

Perhaps you (and the other guys) need to toss me a boned and slow down and consider some dishcloth patterns or something like that. LOL[/color]

The sweater turned out great and looks good on you. Love the color also.

Here’s the link, it’s a free pattern. It uses bernat denimstyle yarn, but I used Lions Brand Fishermens’ wool.
Bernat Denimstyle (3.5 oz/100 g)

You should be embarrassed…letting all us hard working accomplished male knitters down like that…:rofl:

I did CONSIDER some dishcloth patterns…briefly…then thought I’d leave them for the under-achievers…:wink:

You could always try crying towels…:roflhard:

Perfect!!! Love the style, color and fit!! Great job!

I can only dream of sweaters with sleeves that fit! Well done. I’m green with envy.
One step at a time - Ian

Great knitting! Fabulous earthy color and a marvelous fit. :yay: My husband would love that too. Thanks for the link… I am going to check it out.

Nice sweater, and an awsome fit. And it looks very well recieved.