FO: "Mendocino" Jacket for Laila!

Hi! :waving:

As some of you know, many of us KH Yarnaholics have started a 2008 Year of the Stash thread! We invite you to join us on the Stash Train!

In view of that, I am determined to use up a bunch of my kid yarn!
I purchased 30 skeins of Rowan All Seasons Cotton last year…or the year before :shrug:…who knows why!

Fiona’s “Posey” took 6 of the 30 skeins. (Fiona is 8 yrs old)
Laila’s “Mendocino” jacket took 9 skeins. (Laila is 5 yrs old)

So I still have 15 left! Ack! I had originally purchased this yarn with them in mind…and I have two additional patterns for them with this yarn…two pullovers are next.

Well, here is Laila’s jacket…called Mendocino, a pattern in The Children’s Collection by A & J Starmore. I read on a Ravelry thread that this book is out of print. I don’t know for sure.

The Back is nice! I loved doing these unusual cables.

Here are the two “Sister Sweaters” together. Fiona is 8, Laila is 5.

gorgeous! keep on stash busting! :slight_smile:

those are gorgeous sweaters!! love the placement of the cables

What beautiful sweaters! :inlove: Nice job!!!

P.S. I could try to squeeze into a kid size…if you need someone to knit for. :thumbsup:

Thanks Auburn Chick! :muah: A lady over at Ravelry somehow figured out how to conform the pattern to adult sizing! :doh:Some knitters are so resourceful! Me…I tend to be a follower! I just follow the pattern most of the time. I can “tinker” with the pattern, but don’t usually make huge changes!

Thanks again EVERYONE!

I can’t decide if I want to give the girls these two sweaters now, or wait til the DOZEN are all done. I kinda like having them around to look at! Kinda lhow you feel when you are baking cookies! Ya just love looking at them all spread out over the countertops!

Well, I know you are a fast knitter, but if I was their mom, I sure would love being able to dress them up in those nice, cozy clothes. Just take lots of pictures, blow them up bigger, and stick them on the counter if you want to ogle them. :teehee:

Absolutely stunning…you go girl!!! :yay: :woot: :yay:

:noway: Wow…those are awesome! :inlove:

:thud:So beautiful! Makes me wish I had a granddaughter to knit for.:heart:

:happydance: Very pretty!! Great job :happydance:

Wow, I think the second sweater is even prettier than the first one – but they’re both so beautiful it’s hard to tell. I love the color, too. Lucky girls.

What sweet sweaters! Way to stash-bust!!!

Wow! You are a fast knitter! They are both so cute!

They are both beautiful. Lucky girls.

That is just beautiful :passedout: ! ArtLady, you inspire us all.

Give them to them now-- the children are growing bigger every week and they’ll have longer to wear their sweet sweaters.

Now, you could make them matching hats, gloves, scarves, summer tops… of course by then… they might be sick of that particular color! :wink:

Ok! You are right! “Children are growing bigger every week…”!!!

As soon as the Booga Bags are dry…I will go on over and give them the sweaters, their own little Booga Bags…and a big Booga Bag for their Momma (to go with her Central Park Hoodie!)

I’ll post photos of the Boogas before gifting them! I kinda tweaked the pattern for the big Booga. I’m also putting a patch pocket, either inside or outside. Anyone care to give me an opinion about the patch pocket? Inside or outside?

The big Booga is a solid green bottom (the leftover yarn from her Central Park Hoodie)…the straps are the same yarn as the CPH…and the rectangular felted piece for the pocket is the solid green. Oh, and the top inch of the Booga is the solid green…but most of the Booga itself is NORO Kureyon, shown below.

Should the pocket be on the outside, stitched into place…or on the inside like cellphone pockets??? More useful if it is inside???

Those jumpers are gorgeous! :yay: As for the bag, I think inside pockets are better if it’s a pocket without a fastening :slight_smile:

As usual your work is superb. They are gorgeous sweaters. I say gift them now so they get as much use from them as they can.

I think you should put a few pockets inside for cell phone and other “stuff”. You might want to knit a flower and put it on the outside before you felt it, just to give it a “special” look. I saw one on here that was solid red with a beautiful red trillium flower on the front. It looked wonderful.

I so wish I was not allergic to wool and could knit myself a booga bag, with the pretty flower on the front. Oh well, life sends us all trials and this is one of mine.

:inlove: They are just beautiful!