FO: "Melissa" (3/4 coat)

Pattern: Melissa
Designer: Elsebeth Lavold
Book: The Summer Breeze Collection/Book Five
Yarn: Tahki Donegal Tweed; Color 848

I finally got this pattern right! The 1st Melissa (using the signature color) was for my DD…and I had a devil of a time with the pattern errors and lack of information.

It looks like a simple pattern, doesn’t it? Hmmmph. It isn’t. Butting purl blocks next to knit blocks for all side seams, shoulder seams, sleeve seams, and sleeve-to-armhole seams is tricky. The language of the pattern is of no help. Ya’ just hafta figure it out for yourself.

I modified the embellishments. I didn’t knit mine into the coat. I made them after-the-fact (using Nicky Epstein’s book: Knitted Embellishments ); blocked them separately; and stitched them onto the finished coat. I didn’t add embellishments for the left sleeve. They are plain block pattern.

I didn’t make an I-cord belt. I’ll use a rosewood dpn to hold it shut until I find a reasonably priced wooden shawl pin, or whatever they’re called. :??


This is the model photo from the book. I don’t like the tree…and besides that, the tree’s placement on the lower BACK looks like the butt end of a white tail deer as they sprint away from you with their tail in the air.

Very Impressive work

BEAUTIFUL! You always do such wonderful work!

That is SO cool!!! Your work continues to amaze me!!!


You never cease to amaze me! You get a whole sweater (3/4 length at that!) done quicker than I can make a scarf lol!!

Beautiful, as always!

And for what it’s worth - I like your leaf embellishment better than the tree :slight_smile:

You did wonderful for such a tough pattern, and I like your leaves better than the tree too! :teehee:

Simply stunning, Dollyce…another winner! :inlove:

I want YOUR closet with all these gorgeous sweaters you are making… :teehee:

Absolutely gorgeous. I’m in love with your leaves :slight_smile:

I don’t know how you do it, Ms. Flying Fingers. It’s beautiful.

Wow! That is one stunning coat!!!

I’ll get a photo of me ‘n’ Melissa together soon. No makeup today, looking wild-haired…feelin’ like crap after dental work yesterday. :pout: A lot of after-pain, no sleep…etc. That dentist really did a number on me. Besides that and no sleep… I had to have my St. Bernard pup to the vet for neutering by 7 am. This “pup” weighs 148# already! :eyebrow: He’s a big lug.

Also…the leaves and vines on the BACK of Melissa were still slightly damp. I left her on the floor, BACK side-up, to dry more after taking the photo. [After stitching the leaves and vines onto the FRONT and BACK…I placed a wet terry cloth under the BACK leaves and vines, and on top of the FRONT leaves and vines. This kind of “sets” them into their place better, even though they were already individually blocked. I also block the shoulder seams, side seams, and sleeve seams this same way. Just to “set” them. This extra blocking polishes the appearance quite a bit. :thumbsup: It’s worth the extra trouble IMO.]

Wow! That is really pretty. I really like the way the embellishment look sewn on. It adds a nice dimension. I can’t even imagine matching all of that! Great work.

Perfect stitch work as usual! And i agree with you on the embellishment - the original will not flatter anyone with more figure than a model!

Oh, it’s lovely! I like your leaf embellishment much better than the model. Love the color, too.

Just Gorgeous! Your work is always wonderful!

I love it!

Wow, that’s impressive! :thumbsup:

looks awesome, I do like your embellishment better. I was laughing when you said in your post “pattern looks simple right?” Uhh, no! LOL

Another beautiful creation. I just love what you’ve done and as the others have stated I too like your embellishment better than the original pattern, plus it truly is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ coat. I would love to make it, but after your comment about it looking simple I do think I’d surely be up a tree if you had problems.