FO - Meida's Socks

I finished these a few months ago and forgot to post.

Meida’s Socks from Interweave’s Favorite Socks book - I love that book. I made these in Fleece Artist’s sock yarn - I can’t remember which one - the merino I think. A sweet friend sent it to me. It’s so soft and nice to knit with. These didn’t take very long and I really love how they turned out!


those are beautiful! love the colorway!

Lovely socks, and really nice photography too!

I agree on both points! :thumbsup:

What great socks…I also like the yarn you have used great with jeans. xx

I am so in awe of all you sock makers!!

Great job and I agree…great photos :happydance:

Very cool socks!

I agree great socks and photography! :yay:

Great socks! Love the pattern, the color and the photos. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the kudos on the photography! The photos are compliments of my husband who’s a great photographer. :slight_smile:

So pretty. I love that yarn

I love your socks, and your yarn.
And your couch.

Oh, they’re beautiful! Love the colors.

Very nice! Cool pics too :slight_smile:

Thanks! That’s actually my big, over-sized knitting chair. :teehee: I have a big red over-sized couch to match.

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Love the socks. :inlove: