FO:Mason Dixon Baby Kimono!

[B][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Indigo”]Here is a picture of the Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon.

I used Sugar and Cream. How do you like the buttons? I just did one ribbon…you’ll notice that the back is a little longer than the front…that wasn’t exactly on purpose…LOL! We got home from vacation and had a baby shower invitation in the mail…so I knitted like crazy last week to get this done. My friend that taught me to knit…helped with the seaming, ribbon, and buttons! It really is an easy pattern and I will knit it again!
Thanks for looking!


Awwww that’s so cute!! I like the buttons!

The baby will look adorable in it:teehee: Sooooooo cute:cheering:

Oh, that’s just precious! The little buttons are so cute. Since it’s for a newborn, I don’t think you’d have to worry about her chewing them off, huh? You did a great job!

Very cute! No one will notice that the back is slightly longer. Only you since you made it! The baby will be snugly in it!

Very sweet! I personally think a longer back is more convenient for diaper pop ups!

Really cute!

That is adorable. Love the colour

So cute!

Just beautiful!

It is lovely. I love the yarn and colour.

I am sure it will be loved by all.

Great work


Adorable! Nice job:yay:

Beeeeaaautiful! Adorable color!

That is really cute!!

Too bad I don’t know any little kids to knit for :frowning:

Simply adorable! I love the buttons as embellishments! :thumbsup:

AWESOMELY CUTE KIMONO!!!:cheering::cheering::cheering:
I :heart: it! Well done!!