FO: maryjane baby booties (& pattern)

another pair of booties… after using a pattern for another pair of booties… i decided i wanted lil maryjanes. so this is what i came up with… i did them in a black mercerized cotton yarn so they’d look a lil shiny like maryjane shoes…
and they kinda do! (i think)

i wrote out the pattern if anyone’s interested… it’s on my blog!

Thanks for the pattern! They are so cute!

Very cute!

OMG, how cute are these!!! I love them! Now I just need to find someone little enough to make them for :slight_smile:


:inlove: !!!

so cute! great job! thank you for the pattern, I want to make these for my nieces! :):hug:

Cute, cute, cute!

Oh, so sweet! The little heart-shaped buttons are just perfect. Oh, for a little granddaughter to make these for!

Cute. Thanks for the pattern.

I tryed your pattern! its very easy and the booties are so cute! Heres mine:

I knit them with leftover sock yarn, doubled.

Thanks again!

OMG they came out GREAT… i’m so excited you knit them!!! (that means the pattern made sense to someone other than me)!! haha…