FO - "Martha's Best Friend" Poncho

After struggling with this pattern all afternoon, I finally finished this poncho that I’ve made for Etheline, my daughter Beth’s pug. If you all knew my oldest daughter, you would understand why her pug MUST have a Martha poncho.

The pattern is from the LionBrand site and I must confess that I kinda winged it on the last two rows. It was giving me fits and so I made an executive decision which I think looks pret-ty nice.

Here is the poncho, modeled by Nora, my own little Puglet, who was not too happy providing the fashion show.

Oh, and can I say that the Homespun was HORRIBLE to crochet with? UGH!

I mostly clicked on this because my mom’s name is Martha, but I’m glad I did! I always enjoy seeing your little pug modelling a new knitted creation!

Hi’ya Leslie! :waving: It is tooooo adorable! The poncho AND the PUG!

Too too too cute!

The Pug and the Poncho. Sounds like the title for a short story! :thumbsup:

Awwwwww how cute. Great idea lol

Great job!!! :thumbsup:

Wow Martha looks fab!!

You go, Miss Nora! Work that poncho! Show Miss Martha who’s top dog!


BTW: Great job on the poncho!