FO: Marsan WatchCap

Finished my first, onto another by request :slight_smile:

The pattern is here:

With my own worsted weight yarn (Patons Decor), I had to actually cast on 96 stitches instead of 72. This provided for the shown tigh-fitting hat.

I should have also added about an extra 8 rows before the decreasing. Could have used more room for a larger turned cuff.

I also decided to k2tog tbl instead of ssk for the decreasing. Couldn’t see how a traditional ssk would preserve the twisted stitch pattern called for. End result looks the same to me.

I like it~!! What an unusual pattern for the crown~! :thumbsup:

i’ve been looking at that pattern for a while now.
you’ve inspired me to finally get the yarn and try it. :happydance:

great color choice!

it looks great :cheering: im glad youve been a couple of of rows ahead of me on this one, you got to sort out the problems for me :slight_smile: im about half way through the decreeses (i but waiting for my new DPNS to arrive to finish.

Great job - I do love that patterning on the crown!

ive done it ive done it
my DPNs arrived today so i was able to finish the hat. i havent blocked it yet but by the looks of it your has turned out a bit neater than mine stargazing :slight_smile: oh well not bad for my first attempt at circular knitting … will post a picture as soon has a figure out how to.

congrats!! Did you, like me, have a problem at the turning row? Following the instructions causes a hole at row 23 (the place the hat is turned). I tried my own turning method on the second cap I’m doing and I think it came out even worse.

Maybe there’s no way to avoid this. Look like I’ll have to duplicate stitch it or something.

absolutely beautiful work. Bravo! :cheering:

I believe the ssk she specifies in the pattern is actually a k2togtbl.