FO-Marlene My first socks!

So my knitting new years resolution was to finally knit a pair of socks. So I bought some lovely sock yarn Wollmeise, then chose the pattern. I chose Marlene from winter 2008 Knit 1. I may have gone a little over my head as I tried magic loop and I didn’t look at any of the videos or tutorials. I just jumped right in.

I did make some mistakes with my first sock. I should have used markers as my heel was a little off and my toe shaping was a little off. Second sock learned my lesson. I left my mistakes in as they are on my feet and no one will see it anyways. LOL.

These socks were very difficult to photograph to capture the color correctly. It is a red and purple colorway. Very very rich in saturation.

Wow! They look great :slight_smile:

You did a great job for your first pair of socks :yay::yay:

Cool!!! Er, I mean WARM! LOL! They are gorgeous!!!

They look fantastic! I swear, once I finish the 2 major WIPs I am doing, I WILL learn socks! I have the yarn and the needles…just gotta try to jump in again! You’ve inspired me! :slight_smile:

:yay: Great job on your first pair of socks!

Wow! I can’t believe this is your first pair of socks! You always knit the most beautiful projects!

GREAT job on the socks! Doing magic loop for the first go-round too? Wowsa!

They are wonderful!!! WTG on your first pair, may it be the first of many :thumbsup:

Beautiful job!

those are beautiful!! Well done-can’t believe those are your first pair!!

terrific! Those look really nice…love the color:heart:

Nicely Done!

They turned out great! Congrats!!

Very nice! And I love the colors!

Great job and congratulations on knitting your first pair of socks!

Nice socks!

Those look like difficult first socks. You are very brave to tackle ML and a pattern stitch on your first socks. They look beautiful. Love the yarn.