FO: Market Bag (Super Strong)

I finished market bag #2 (both are on Ravelry if you want the knitty pattern). Bag #1 has different handles (green one below). I took these to Walmart last week to shop and the lady commented how she’d never seen any so pretty and we were both surprised at how much it could hold and expand.

I made it with Sugar 'n Cream…which BTW is on sale at Michael’s this week 4 for $5! :woot:

Pattern is free from Knitty, the Everlasting Bagstopper, only modified to have knitted handles:

Same pattern, 1st bag:

Those are great! Good job on them!

Oh…I love them! GREAT job!

ooo I like those!

Thanks all. It’s super easy, alternating K ALL rows with YO, K1 rows.

Fabulous! And I also love the SHIH TZU’s in the photo!
They seemed super impressed with you, too!!!

Those are great looking bags!!!

those are really pretty. I really have to get myself a ravelry account, there are so many nice patterns!

I love the pattern as well as the colors that you chose!

Those came out beautifully. I’ve been eyeing that pattern and now I’m going to have to make a couple… Cute puppers too!

What a lovely bag. I have been considering this pattern, but I didn’t like the original handles. I love your modification of the handles. Can you share how you knitted the handles? Did you use handles from another pattern?
Much appreciation for any info you can give.

Nice n gr8…i liked both

Ooh, I love them. I’ve been wanting to make a market bag. Thanks for the inspiration.

Love them! i need to make some more too … sigh, so much yarn so little time.

I love these. I have purchased a couple reusable grocery bags, but they are bulky and I never remember to have them with me.

Are these quite strong? I have always wanted to knit some but would be hesitant about overloading them.

LOVE market bags! Made one myself and use it every day :slight_smile: I really like how you did the colorful bottoms!

Ooh, very nice!

Yes, with the Peaches 'n Cream quite strong. I recommend them.

You don’t need one for this, I put the knitty link to the pattern on the original post.

It was a linen stich, starting with odd # of stitches do a sl1, k1 across ending with a sl1 then just purling all the alternate rows.