FO: Manos del Uruguay pullover

My own “re-jiggered” design. Started with a “basic” pullover, but by the time I was done changing just about everything except the basic schematic…it has re-invented itself!

Here I am…no makeup, flat hair…but loving the fact that it fits me pretty good,
even now before I lose more weight. By Fall-Winter, it will look better on me.

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Clasica Wool "Naturals"
Original Pattern: "Extra Quick Rolled-Hem Top"
Book: 25 Gorgeous Sweaters for the Brand New Knitter

My Ravelry notes, if you are interested.

Wow… another beauty… really looks great on you…perfect fit, love the yarn.
I always love seeing what you knit.
Always outstanding…I’m a fan! :cheering:

Happy knitting…:knitting:

That looks like a comfy, snuggling pullover. I will we had sweater weather down here. Winters are just too mild for pullovers. Cardis are better for layering.

I always love to see your FOs!!! Thanks for sharing.

Wow, that’s gorgeous! I love the subtle color changes of the Manos, and the stitch pattern on the bodice. Lovely work, and you look great!

That’s gorgeous! I love what you did with the neckline - so flattering and will look great with many different “undershirt” options!

That’s beautiful and you look wonderful!!

Looks fantastic! I definitely agree with the other posters … I love the neckline and the yarn! :cheering:

I love the color. Great pic of you too.

I love how this turned out Dollyce!! I think it fits you great now! I’m always trying to lose weight so I understand tho. Your revisions really make it unique. :slight_smile:

Looks great on you now and you did a beautiful job.

Oooo, it’s pretty! I love the color changes, I haven’t knitted with Manos yet, but I’ve been wanting too!

Just beautiful, as usual! :inlove:

Knitting with Manos can be a royal PITA. If it’s not the “thick-thin” issue driving me nuts,
it’s the color variations that drive me nuts. Maybe some knitters are more relaxed about thick-thin issues, and color variants…but I try so hard to make Manos knit up like “regular” yarn!

I love the yarn, don’t get me wrong, but when I’m done with a Manos project,
I always think “never again”! :wink:

Artlady, I have not been over here for a while … you are looking years younger and fabulous! You look like you have lost many many kg’s? Congratulations.

Keep on jiggering! Great end result! :thumbsup::woohoo:
It looks nice and warm for those high altitude cool temps.

I love it!

It looks cozy and comfy on you. Very flattering.

Thanks for having a picture of you modeling it because garments look so much more atractive that way than when they are shown flat.