Fo: manly slip-stitch hat

Made this hat for my DH tonight. He liked my “Unoriginal Hat” so much! I caught him trying to pull it on over his big ole noggin. I said, "No, that’s [U]my hat[/U]. "
He says. "Oh…nice hat. I like how thick the yarn is!"
He’s sleeping now. [U]HIS hat[/U] is on the breakfast table!

This is how the hat fits!

I didn’t follow the color combo from the pattern. I just liked the slip-stitch. I think it gave additional earthiness to the hat, along with the colors of the yarn. The pattern stitch is nice and thick, and that’s what my husband wanted…a heavy, thick hat. He’s got this old, old, old wool, moth-eaten hat he keeps dragging out of his foot locker, and saying, “You know, a hat like this. Say, can you mend this?” The hat is pitiful. But the man just won’t toss it out! (Like Linus and his holey, moth-eaten blankie! :teehee:) If I mend it, it will fall apart again and again. It’s just too dang old. DH and I have been down this road. :teehee:

I saw it tonight on AMAZON for $9.60.
There are tons of cute hats in it!

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[B] My Yarn:[/B] Naturwolle BLACK FOREST: 118 yds used (3 different colors)

You did that in one evening. you are amazingly fast. very nice. see if your DH will let you take a photo of him wearing it.

He will! I’ll post it asap!

Nice hat! WTG on stashbusting the leftovers :thumbsup: I wish i was such a fast knitter. Well, maybe when i grow up :teehee:

Great hat! Love that stitch pattern. I wish it were cold enough here in Texas for a nice, thick hat!

Cute idea to have it waiting for him at the breakfast table. That says “I love you” more than words do.

I like it. Very manly. :thumbsup:

That is such a great hat! My dh would love it too… looks over shoulder…dh not looking…

Another great hat and hubby will think that it appeared like magic lol :slight_smile:

You have such a fabulously knitworthy husband!! I love this hat! great job!

:notworthy: As usual!!!

Here is DH…just home from the route, unshaven…but he consented to model for us! :thumbsup:

Hey the unshaven look just makes it look all the more rustic and handsome. Him and the hat that is :wink:

Nice hat for John!!

Lol I’m jealous of the hat! I made a Jester Hat last night and added pom poms. I’ve never knitted a hat before since I only stuck with knitting scarves. Well, I should have casted on more than 18 stitches. I kinda broke the hat since my head is too big. I’ll use measurements next time.

Your DH looks very handsome in his Manly-Man hat (very cool hat, too, btw!)!

:happydance: another great hat!

I have a stash of yarn in the colors that a Jamaican would wear…you know…the Rastafarian Jamaican Mon. My DH likes those color combinations. Won’t that make a great hunting hat?? DH looks to be very conservative, but inside lurks a NATIVE AMERICAN, a JAMAICAN, and a SOUTH AFRICAN! In actuality, he’s a green eyed German Irishman! I dunno what he’s doing with me!

But, I guess I’m not exactly classic American. My Mom is Swedish, my Dad is Spanish-Filipino. That makes me MESTIZA (mixed).