FO: MALABRIGO "Shire Silk" Vest

Hi’ya! :waving:

So I had 4 skeins of “Simply Taupe” MALABRIGO merino worsted weight. What to do. What to do. Another scarf and hat set? Naaah. I have too many scarves OTN right now.

I found a really cute pattern in the Knit ‘n’ Style magazine called SHIRE SILK VEST, April 2007 Issue.

Here it is! Warm and cozy. Hunting is right around the corner, and won’t I be warm with this vest over top of my jammies??!!

Brrrr. It gets cold up on Nighthawk Summit at night. It falls to 20 degrees at night even in Oct. Das jus too cold for Artlady! :cry:

I haven’t blocked it yet. Blocking will tame the garter stitch neckline and the bottom edges. Perk up the pattern stitches, too. I just couldn’t wait for it to block before getting it uploaded here at KH!

DAng you’re fast!! It’s pretty!

:yay::yay:Very nice. You do great work. Love the color.


just plumb gorgeous!



Did I mention: it was knit in one piece up to the armholes. That makes things go fast. The only seaming was the 3-needle bind-off for the shoulders. :cheering:

It’s beautiful! I love the buttons :slight_smile:

It’s soo pretty. :heart::heart:

I wish I could knit something as complicated as that. I’m venturing into different stitches for now. However, I have yet to make an article of clothing. My first pair of socks is in hibernation so I’m only working on a scarf & face cloth. You ladies (& gentleman, lol) are so talented. Keep up the good work!!!

Artlady that looks absolutely fantastic!!! You are the speediest knitter on the planet :thumbsup: I can tell how soft and cozy it is just by looking at it. Just wonderful!

Gorgeous!! drool

wow!! a beauty for sure…
do you hunt?

So pretty. Beautiful job! :heart:

Oh, I love it! Great pattern, and of course the yarn is beautiful. Lovely, lovely work. I’d love to make this one.

What beautiful yarn! I love the special touch of those buttons! Wonderful job, as always!

Gorgeous as always!!!

When do we get to see Borghilde?

That looks yummy–nice and soft and warm. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Sure wish I could be a member of your family! Your work is just beautiful, and you seem to knit so fast.

Beautiful choice for the yarn.

Hi Angel! :waving: This vest would be a good FIRST SWEATER project, IMHO. Also, in lieu of the buttonbands/buttonhole bands…a new knitter could just crochet an edging…such as crab stitch…and the same goes for around the armholes.

I gave it a thought myself!

Beautiful vest! You ARE fast! You just made the two hunter’s hats a few days ago! If only I had the discipline to finish something before I start something else…one of these days!

It is very nice!